Caswell FRD are delighted to have collaborated with Building Environmental Solutions Ltd of Leigh, in providing a CASWELL FIRESAFE® Smoke Extract ductwork system to EN1366 : Parts 1&8 on this boutique room2 ‘hometel’ project in Chiswick, London.Caswell Firesafe logo

The eclectic décor takes inspiration from local artist William Morris and the wider Arts & Crafts movement.
The discerning Client clearly shares his good taste and eye for detail.


Nice work by the BES Ltd team on this installation featuring our assurance-inspiring, CASWELL FIRESAFE® branded, rooftop design. Our particular thanks to their Ventilation Manager Matthew Horrocks for his diligence in working with us on this project.


The Lamington Group – owners of the room2 brand – spurn the conventional hotel format by offering guest rooms with kitchenettes and a shared laundry area…both of which raise the bar of a fire risk assessment. They clearly understood the need to involve the ‘right’ people and specification to deliver solutions which will protect their guests, valuable assets and investment in the long term.

Room 2 Chiswick decorThe Windmill Road development was purposely designed to be constructed and operated as a ‘whole life net zero’ development. You can read more of the project and the work of Lamington Group’s Interior Design Manager, Diana Darmina here

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