The Non-Coated Advantage

CASWELL FIRESAFE® Non-Coated product has intrinsic performance benefits but it also holds significant commercial and environmental advantages over systems which employ an applied coating or cladding. As no additional treatments are required, cost is both reduced and controlled; potential risk throughout the supply chain is also negated.

fast icon Fast. ‘Non-Coated’ means that there is no coating to cure before shipment or use, so quick response to orders and manufacturing turnaround is assured. Valuable manufacturing / indoor storage space is also released. If required, supplementary orders for add-on pieces can be processed and delivered swiftly.

convenient economic iconConvenient / Economic. Fast install and ease of handling reduces on-site operative costs. CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems are produced with product and project-specific labelling which aids quick and easy identification and full traceability throughout the supply chain. ‘Non-Coated’ means the risk of unscheduled time, extra cost and logistical effort – i.e. due to damage to a coating, covering or cladding treatment during installation or transportation – is removed.

aesthetic iconAesthetic. Clean, high-grade Galvanised Steel* finish reduces susceptibility to surface damage. Also, nothing is ‘covered up’ –  with the unavoidable exception of systems which require to be Insulated – so visual inspection is made simple. CASWELL FIRESAFE® systems employ a number of individually branded components. This has the dual benefit of declaring their ‘fitness for purpose’ as fire resisting products and providing visual confirmation that the system is ‘as specified’ and has not been substituted with a lesser, unbranded product. * Stainless Steel and welded Mild Steel are alternative material specifications for some applications.

durable iconDurable. High-grade base materials, quality engineered fabrication methods with appropriate stiffening components makes for a very tough, durable product.

dependable iconDependable. Fire resisting integrity remains the same as when it was manufactured as there are no applied coatings to potentially degrade or be damaged during transit, site storage or installation. Minimal maintenance in operation – extending to simple visual checks and a scheduled internal duct cleaning regime in accordance with B&ES TR/19 Guidelines – allows the ductwork to remain effective. Appropriate ductwork support systems are advised (T1) or installed (T2/T3) to ensure the whole installation is not only safe and secure but will remain so and perform its intended role for many decades…potentially for the life of the building.

environmental iconEnvironmental. Manufactured from recyclable steel, it is ecologically benign. Degreasing, etching, priming and coating processes are eliminated, so there is minimal ecological impact from chemicals & VOCs and no extra energy is expended. Ancillary products, such as our water-based intumescent sealants, are also formulated to reduce impact to the bare minimum.


The fabrication process for CASWELL FIRESAFE® product allows significant time & cost savings in the manufacturing process. Non-Coated product assures that ‘just in time’ or short lead contracts can be fulfilled. Both the installation contractor and the Main Contractor can be confident that Plan of Work deadlines will be met, so avoiding potential penalties.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® Non-Coated fire-resisting ductwork system achieves its high rating for fire resistance from its superior design specification and construction. Manufacture and installation is strictly prescribed and controlled. It is also certified to the highest standards. This provides peace of mind to any person or organisation responsible for specifying, approving, supplying or installing compliant fire resisting systems.