Haslingden, UK – Caswell FRD, a Licensed Manufacturing Partner of Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Ltd (FFRDL), are pleased to announce the publication of a brand-new, 28-page EN Technical Manual (FFRDL/TM/EN/01/2019). It specifically addresses European Standards test and legislative requirements, such as EN 1366-1, 8 & 9 and CE marking.

Caswell Firesafe Technical manual cover

EN Technical Manual FFRDL / TM / EN / 01 / 2019 contains invaluable advice for specifiers.

Clear, concise and insightful, it adds to the authoritative technical portfolio on CASWELL FIRESAFE® Fire Resisting Ductwork; which also includes a separate BS Technical Manual covering British Standard BS 476 : Part 24 (FFRDL/TM/BS/02/2018).
If you’re involved in specifying, approving or procuring Fire Resisting Ductwork, then you need this document. 

Here’s the overview of what it contains:

Technical Manual covering CASWELL FIRESAFE® non-coated fire resisting ductwork product to European Standards EN 1366-1 & 8.
This document contains sections on Regulations, Codes & Standards; Construction Products Regulations (CPR) & CE Marking; Testing requirements & Certification; Applications; System construction types; Ancillary components; Fire resisting insulation; Ductwork support systems; Fire compartments and Penetration Seals; Quality Assurance & Certificates of Conformity; Features, Advantages & Benefits of the CASWELL FIRESAFE® system; an overview of FFRDL’s International Licensed Manufacturing Partner programme and CIBSE approved CPD offering.

Go to our DOWNLOADS section or request a glossy A4 printed copy by emailing   mark.elliott@caswell.uk.com  

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