We are proud to confirm that our Partners, Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Ltd, have added yet another innovative product to the CASWELL FIRESAFE® range.

Caswell Firesafe logoFollowing successful testing by Firesafe, we are now able to offer their 1-hour insulated fire resisting ductwork system to complement the existing 2-hour insulated products.
Tested to EN1366-1 & EN1366-8 for rectangular ducts within the scope of EN12101-7, this 1-hour product is classified EI 60 (ho ve) S 1000 Multi in accordance with EN13501-4. Rockwool DuctRock® foil-faced slab (@60mm thick) provides the insulation performance.

Offering the key benefit of occupying a smaller ‘space envelope’, it provides a highly competitive fire resisting ductwork solution for multi-compartment requirements up to 60 minutes; an often-requested demand for our CASWELL FIRESAFE® line-up.

This new product is available as Supply Only* or as an integral part of one of our higher-level T2/T3 supply, installation and third-party certified packages.

* The term ‘Supply Only’ is widely used in the industry, however CASWELL FIRESAFE® is never ‘only’.
We believe that it is important to include third-party certification – backed by FIRAS – even with this T1 level service.  

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