Excuse the pun but choosing the correct ductwork support specification is an integral, indeed vital, part of any ductwork system. That goes double for Fire Rated Ductwork.

When it comes to it, Caswell FRD have all the experience, technical expertise, product and 3rd party installation certification (through FIRAS) to give you all the support you’ll ever need.

CASWELL FIRESAFE® smoke extract ductwork at Oxygen Towers project ManchesterThere are a raft of calculations and project-specific criteria to be considered. It’s not something you can (or would want to) ‘have a go at’, so we are here to advise you on the right choices. This ensures that the finished system is not only fit for purpose but is absolutely the best solution for your needs.

The many benefits in specifying CASWELL FIRESAFE® can be viewed here

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